Mosquito One Of Most Dangerous Creatures

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The mosquito, as you know, is part of the insect species. You should be able to identify it quite clearly enough, mosquito control hampton technicians certainly do, because as insects, they will always have six legs. Spiders of course, always have eight. And they are not as dangerous as you might have been led to believe. They couldn’t be any more dangerous than the mosquito anyhow. And yes, that much is certain, the mosquito is arguable one of the most dangerous creatures on earth.

Of course, spiders on the other hand, some of them anyhow, could be quite poisonous if you accidentally get bitten by one of them. It is only an accident because the spider, not even the scorpion, was never seeking to harm you. All it was seeking to do was to protect itself. Its target, its deliberate target, would have always been the mosquito, amongst other insect species. What a spider does to survive.

Same goes for the bee. Many people unnecessarily fear it because of its sting. It can hurt particularly if you have an allergy. But you can be cured from that. Not the bee because tragically, the moment it stings you, it dies. And all it was seeking to do was protect its queen. Its target would always have been the pollen from the colorful plants in your garden. Mosquitoes on the other hand, have a different target in mind.

You. It wishes to bite you so that it can draw your blood. And while it does so, it could already have consumed infected blood. And that infected blood could be passed on to you. You could be infected with the infamous malaria. And today still, you could even be infected with that virus.