All About Occupational Health Screens

Some jobs require people to be in good shape and in the best health they can be in to effectively and safely do their daily tasks. Especially in jobs where physical labor is going on, knowing that your employees are in good shape and healthy helps you feel confident in your hires.

It is also important to make sure that employees aren’t going to be at risk from certain elements on the job, like having a health-related issue why they can’t work around a certain substance or chemical, or any other parts of the job that could put them at risk. If an employee is injured on the job, they might have to go through an occupational health screening before they can come back to work.

occupational screening

Some insurance companies may also require every employee of a company to undergo an occupational health screening annually or every few years so they can keep up with their insurance rates. Here are a few important things you might need to know about this type of screening if you have never considered it in your business.

1. What does this type of screening consist of?

An occupational health screening will consist of a physical examination where an employee’s medical history and their ability to perform work-related tasks will be assessed. Vital signs will be taken, the employee will answer a few questions, and focuses purely on someone’s physical ability to do the job they’re positioned at.

2. How does this work if you are hurt on the job?

If an employee is hurt on the job, they will typically have to undergo one of these screenings and be cleared to return to work before they can come back. This screening will not focus on anything unrelated to their injuries, and should be centered only on making sure the employee is ready to come back to work.

3. How long does an occupational health screening take?

Usually, these screenings won’t take longer than 30 to 45 minutes per employee.

These are some of the main questions asked by employers and employees alike when it comes to occupational screening. Whether you want to make sure your employees are physically able to come back to work, or you are trying to maintain the best insurance rates for your business, this can be an important tool in making those things happen.